Cool Office Desk Gadgets

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Written By Rich Hickson

Cool Office Desk Gadgets

There are plenty of cool office gadgets for you to use at your desk. These gadgets can keep your workspace organized and healthy. For example, a desk tidier keeps your wires neat. You can also buy a desk organiser to keep your mind organised. You can even get a desk organiser that looks like Tetris, which will add a splash of colour.

ChargeWorx desk lamp with wireless charging

The ChargeWorx desk lamp with wireless charging is a great option for desks and bedside tables. The white LED lamp has full spectrum lighting, which simulates natural daylight and reduces eyestrain. It also features a charging pad built into its base. The charging pad charges your phone while the lamp is in use. Its wood base and glass shade make it a versatile choice for any office or home office.

The ChargeWorx Desk Lamp is an adjustable gooseneck tabletop lamp with a built-in wireless charging pad. It can recharge your phone or any compatible device, including Apple AirPods, with 10W of power. It can also charge your iPad, laptop, or tablet wirelessly.

Hercules Tuff Charging Station

The Hercules Tuff Charging Station is a multi-tasking power supply that can charge up to six mobile devices at a time. This is a great option for homes, schools, libraries, and businesses. Its compact size makes it easy to take with you and can charge your devices without taking up much space. One bonus: the USB Type C charger cable is tucked away in a handy zippered compartment. This means that you can keep it in a pocket or purse.

The Hercules Tuff Charging Station has six USB ports and 4 Apple-compatible cable jacks. It also includes a type-C cable and a micro-USB port. There are three colors to choose from to suit your needs. The Hercules Tuff Charging Station can be purchased online at Amazon.

Lava Lite lava lamp

When buying a Lava Lite lava lamp for office use, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, you should consider your own personal needs. There are a lot of similar products out there, and it can be difficult to choose the best one. However, if you choose wisely, you should be able to get a satisfactory product.

Lava Lite lamps are a great option if you want to add some colour and light to your workspace. These lamps feature a multicolored Colormax glass globe that absorbs different colours and graphics. They also feature a cool silver aluminum base and a 100-watt reflector light bulb. This is sure to be a hit in any office or home space.

Ticktime timer

TickTime is a cool timer that works as a count up or count down timer. It comes with a built-in magnet for attaching to magnet-friendly surfaces. The device has a rechargeable battery and can last for up to 10 hours of time-keeping when in active mode. It can also stay in standby mode for up to six months. The unit comes with an in-box user guide, as well as a USB charging cable.

Ticktime is a handy tool for keeping track of time while in the office. It is simple to use, and its design makes it easy to set and use. Its face is engraved with a timer, and its bottom half is a counter. When flipped upside down, it displays the time. The unit also features a magnetic base, so it can be easily stuck to the refrigerator or desk. It also offers a silent mode, which is handy for busy working environments.

Beyond Ink Pen

The Beyond Ink Pen is a cool office gadget that doubles as a stylus for tablets. Its rechargable battery allows you to store up to 16GB of data and can be used to charge your mobile device. This handy device will make your life a little easier and is an excellent alternative to pen and paper.

The Beyond Ink pen comes with a built-in USB connection to charge its internal 1,000mAh battery. It also features 16GB of internal storage. It comes with a stylus tip, a standard black ballpoint pen, and refillable ink cartridges.