How to Use NFC Tags at Home

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How to Use NFC Tags at Home

NFC tags are becoming increasingly popular, and several ways to use them at home. These tags can make objects scannable, save battery power, and automate tasks. You can also program them to send texts and notifications. The following article will cover some of the primary uses of NFC tags and how to use them.

Save battery

You can save battery by using NFC tags to control your home appliances. You can use the tags to turn lights, air conditioning, and speakers on and off. You can even embed an NFC tag in a 3D-printed ring. It is also possible to control various settings of your phone through the NFC tag.

To use the NFC tags, you must have an Android device supporting NFC. Then, install an application called NFC Task Launcher. The app reads the tags and executes the tasks instantly. However, it would help if you were careful. If you use an unformatted tag, you may encounter errors. The problem is that Android version 4.0.3 has a bug that prevents writing to an unformatted tag.

The NFC tag can replace the function of Bluetooth. Bluetooth requires two to five minutes to turn on and connect a speaker. Moreover, NFC tags can store voice messages.

Make objects scannable

With NFC technology, you can easily make objects in your home scannable by your iPhone. This feature is known as Near-Field Communications (NFC), and it has been in iPhones since the 6th generation. The technology makes it possible to set up devices near each other and perform many functions. You can even purchase inexpensive NFC tags and use them with your iPhone and apps.

NFC tags are available in various shapes and can also be used to make existing objects scannable. You can apply an NFC sticker to the thing if you don’t want to buy an entire NFC tag. Alternatively, you can use a simple printer with NFC technology. There are a variety of printers with NFC tags available, including those from Canon.

Another useful application for NFC tags is for controlling lights. You can program an NFC tag to turn RGB bulbs on and off if you have a smart home. 

Automate your life with NFC tags

With NFC tags at home, you can turn on your home devices from anywhere. These tags use contactless technology to turn on devices and send notifications to your smartphone. They’re also great for setting reminders. For more information on this technology, check out Tasker. It lets you automate your life!

NFC tags are compatible with many smart home devices. The iOS and Android phones both have built-in NFC support. One approach is to encode a specific action that will happen when the tag is tapped. For example, the NFC tag can be used on an iPhone to call your favourite pizza delivery service. This technology can also set reminders for important events, such as taking medication.

The NFC tags you place around your house can trigger scenes or tasks in Tasker. They also improve Android’s speed, battery life, and overall usefulness. If you want to automate your life further, you can install smart home devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Send morning texts with an NFC tag.

NFC tags are helpful in many ways. They can wake you up, pull up social media, and send “Good Morning” messages, to name a few. They can also toggle between aeroplane mode and vibrate mode. You can even stick one to your gym bag to hear your favourite workout playlist without picking up your phone.

You can also use an NFC tag to respond to people while driving. You can program the tag to automatically reply to a last-sent text with the words “I’m driving”. This allows you to focus on the road instead of your phone. It’s also easy for kids to use.

Another use for an NFC tag is to toggle quiet mode on and off. This feature is helpful for light sleepers. You can toggle silent mode on and off by tapping the tag on the phone. Afterwards, tap your phone on the tag again to toggle it back to normal mode.

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